Feb 14

Kings College Hospital Offers QuietCall Patient Pagers

Kings college Hospital is one of London’s largest and busiest teaching hospitals, with a strong profile of local services primarily serving the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

Kings College Hospital

Kings College Hospital London introduces QuietCall Patient Pagers

QuietCall Patient Pagers have been introduced to the Pharmacy at Kings College Hospital to improve the waiting experience for patients collecting prescriptions. The QuietCall System will allow patients to relax in the nearby cafeteria or use any of the other hospital facilities whilst waiting for their prescription to be prepared.

QuietCall Patient Paging Systems are used in hospitals throughout the United Kingdom to assist with patient management in busy outpatient departments, clinics & pharmacies. Once a QuietCall System is installed patients are no longer restricted to the waiting room and can relax and use the hospitals facilities or move outside for a breath of fresh air or to make phone calls.

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Sep 24

Milton Keynes Hospital Introduces QuietCall IQ

Milton Keynes Hospital is the latest hospital to use QuietCall IQ Patient Paging from Pager Call Systems.

Milton Keynes Hospital is improving patients waiting experience in their Radiology Department with the introduction of a new patient call system using QuietCall Antibacterial Pagers.

Antibacterial Patient Pager

Quiet Call Antibacterial Patient Pager

Patients waiting for appointments will be free to relax and wait in the hospitals restaurant or even venture outside to make telephone calls or just to relax and get some fresh air. The innovative Patient Pagers will alert the patient by flashing and vibrating the moment they need to return to the department.

Pager Call Systems offers an extensive range of on site communication systems for hospital staff & patients. For more information contact Pager Call Systems on 0845 6444109.

Nov 21

Hexham General Hospital Upgrade to QuietCall IQ

Hexham General Hospital Installs QuietCall IQ Patient Pagers

Northumbria Healthcare Trust is rated as excellent for the quality of services and the way it manages its resources putting it in the top 10% in the country. The trust has recently upgraded the patient paging system at Hexham General Hospital and chose QuietCall IQ Patient Pagers and Pager Call Systems as their provider.

Hexham General Hospital have previously used a patient paging system from another provider but the system was proving unreliable and expensive to maintain. Hexham General decided to install the QuietCall IQ Paging System with antibacterial pagers to offer patients more freedom whilst waiting for appointments. Although Hexham General has some of the shortest waiting times for appointments in the country delays are occasionally unavoidable, the trust wanted to ensure that as part of their commitment to patient care the waiting experience was the best they could offer.

Hospital Patient Pager System

QuietCall Patient Pagers Featuring Antibacterial Pagers

Upon arrival patients are offered a QuietCall IQ Patient Pager this offers patients the freedom to use the hospitals facilities whilst waiting for their appointment. Hexham General has an excellent cafeteria and with the new QuietCall Pager System patients can relax over a coffee or snack whilst waiting for their appointment. Once the patient is required for their appointment the department simply enters the patients pager number in to the transmitter and presses send to alert the patient that it is time to attend.

QuietCall Patient Pagers are now manufactured using microbial plastics offering increased protection against the spread of infectious diseases.

“Our QuietCall IQ Paging System has proved incredibly successful and we have supplied many hospital trusts and private hospitals throughout the UK,” comments Chris Hawkins Director of Pager Call Systems Ltd. “The QuietCall IQ system offers a number of unique innovative features including automatic pager numbering which helps reduce ongoing costs and allows pagers to be moved from one department to another without the need for reprogramming at the workshop, we are pleased that Northumbria Healthcare Trust has selected Pager Call Systems as the chosen supplier for Hexham General Hospital.”

Oct 14

Introducing QuietCall Antibacterial Pagers

Antibacterial Patient Pager

Quiet Call Antibacterial Pagers help reduce the spread of infectious diseases

Pager Call Systems now offer QuietCall IQ Patient Paging Systems with IQ Pagers manufactured with microbial plastics.

The smart blue antibacterial magers help fight the spread of infectious diseases and in clinical tests showed a reduction of up to 99.9% for Staphylococcus & Escherichia coli.

Hospital Pagers

QuietCall IQ All in One Hospital Paging System

QuietCall IQ pagers are available for Pager Call Systems QuietCall All in One systems and QuietCall IQ Paging System.

Hospital Patient Pager System

QuietCall Patient Pagers featuring antibacterial pagers





If you would like to know more about Pager Call System QuietCall IQ Patient Call Systems or would like to arrange a demonstration call 0845 6444109.


Oct 14

Pharmacy Call Patients with QuietCall Pagers

Patients waiting for prescriptions at Nuneaton Hospital will now have the freedom to relax and wait in the cafeteria or go for some fresh air instead of having to wait in the confines of the pharmacy all thanks to the new QuietCall patient paging system.

Patient Pagers at Nuneaton Hospital

Staff & patients at Nuneaton Hospital with the new QuietCall Pagers

“We have handed over to the Pharmacy Department a QuietCall paging system which will be used by patients waiting for the dispensing of prescriptions,” said Pauline Millerchip of the charity, which donates thousands of pounds worth of equipment every year.

“They can then be paged when their prescriptions are ready for collection and avoids them waiting at the pharmacy.

“It will enable them to go to the Tea Bar or restaurant for refreshments. The cost of the equipment is £2,085. The department confirms this will be of benefit to them as well as the patients”.

Due to the success of the new QuietCall patient call system it is being expanded in to other departments within Nuneaton Hospital.

Aug 27

Hospital Patient Flow Management

Managing outpatient appointments in a busy hospital department is often very challenging, it is extremely difficult to guarantee a smooth flow of patients through the department with all appointments running to schedule.

Appointment times can slip behind for may reasons such as:

  • The consultant or nursing staff may need to spend more time than anticipated with some patients
  • The Doctor or medical staff may be delayed or called away
  • Emergency Cases may have to be seen
  • Some patients may arrive late

Hospitals work extremely hard to minimise the impact on appointment times by these events but unfortunately delays are often unavoidable. Using a patient paging system to free patients from the confines of what can often be a congested waiting area will help manage the patient flow process when appointment times slip.

Using patient pagers as part of your departments patient call system allows the patient to leave the hospital  departments waiting area and move to a more relaxed area such as the hospitals cafeteria or restaurant or event step outside to make phone calls to relatives.

Using a Patient Pager also reduces the stress on staff and frees more of their time to deal with clinical issues rather than having to explain to a frustrated patient why they are not being seen on time.

Patient Paging Systems will also help with infection control, not only are QuietCall Pateint Pagers

Antibacterial Pager

QuietCall Patient Pager

made from antibacterial plastics helping to reduce the spread of infections but reducing the number of patients in a waiting room also helps prevent the spread of infections.

Patient Call Systems used for hospital waiting room management benefits both patients and medical staff.

Jul 25

Hospitals Using Patient Paging Systems

QuietCall Patient Pager Systems are used by hospitals & NHS Trusts throughout the UK.

Hospital Patient Call System

Pager Call Systems

Patient Pagers are the ideal solution to help manage patient processes in busy hospital departments, issuing a patient pager when there are extended waiting times allows patients to move away from congested waiting areas.

Pager Call Systems QuietCall Patient Paging is used by Royal Free Hospital, Sunderland Hospital, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Sheffield Childrens Hospital, University College Hospital London, Nuneaton Hospital, Singleton Hospital Swansea, Eastbourne Hospital to name just a few.

Pager Call Systems offers a comprehensive service for hospitals including, on site demonstrations, free site surveys, free consultation process including advice on integrating patient paging systems in to the departments patient flow process.

To find out how patient paging systems could help offer better patient care and reduce stress and anxiety contact Pager Call Systems at 0845 6444109 for more information visit the Patient Paging website at www.smartpagers.co.uk.


Jul 25

Antibacterial Pagers

Pager Call Systems latest range of QuietCall Patient Pagers are made with the best antibacterial plastics available. Our new patient paging systems for hospitals use antimicrobial plastics to help combat the spread of infectious diseases such as MRSA, E-Coli.

Our Antibacterial Pagers also offer customisable inserts allowing hospital departments to include their own branding and messaging on all pagers, this presents an opportunity to promote the hospitals restaurant or cafeteria driving much needed additional revenue.

QuietCall Patient Paging Systems are used by hospitals & medical centres throughout the UK and have been tested and approved by numerous NHS Trusts.