Aug 27

Hospital Patient Flow Management

Managing outpatient appointments in a busy hospital department is often very challenging, it is extremely difficult to guarantee a smooth flow of patients through the department with all appointments running to schedule.

Appointment times can slip behind for may reasons such as:

  • The consultant or nursing staff may need to spend more time than anticipated with some patients
  • The Doctor or medical staff may be delayed or called away
  • Emergency Cases may have to be seen
  • Some patients may arrive late

Hospitals work extremely hard to minimise the impact on appointment times by these events but unfortunately delays are often unavoidable. Using a patient paging system to free patients from the confines of what can often be a congested waiting area will help manage the patient flow process when appointment times slip.

Using patient pagers as part of your departments patient call system allows the patient to leave the hospital  departments waiting area and move to a more relaxed area such as the hospitals cafeteria or restaurant or event step outside to make phone calls to relatives.

Using a Patient Pager also reduces the stress on staff and frees more of their time to deal with clinical issues rather than having to explain to a frustrated patient why they are not being seen on time.

Quiet Call Ultra Patient Paging System 2

Patient Paging Systems will also help with infection control, not only are Quiet Call Patient Pagers made from antibacterial plastics helping to reduce the spread of infections but reducing the number of patients in a waiting room also helps prevent the spread of infections.

Patient Call Systems used for hospital waiting room management benefits both patients and medical staff.