Feb 14

Kings College Hospital Offers QuietCall Patient Pagers

Kings college Hospital is one of London’s largest and busiest teaching hospitals, with a strong profile of local services primarily serving the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

Kings College Hospital

Kings College Hospital London introduces QuietCall Patient Pagers

QuietCall Patient Pagers have been introduced to the Pharmacy at Kings College Hospital to improve the waiting experience for patients collecting prescriptions. The QuietCall System will allow patients to relax in the nearby cafeteria or use any of the other hospital facilities whilst waiting for their prescription to be prepared.

QuietCall Patient Paging Systems are used in hospitals throughout the United Kingdom to assist with patient management in busy outpatient departments, clinics & pharmacies. Once a QuietCall System is installed patients are no longer restricted to the waiting room and can relax and use the hospitals facilities or move outside for a breath of fresh air or to make phone calls.

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